What do the round popular stickers mean?

A popular sticker means the admins noticed many references to the company for excellent work and/or prices either from online forums or personal references.


I noticed some of the companies listed are not located in RSM, why is this?

Companies not having a Rancho Santa Margarita address are likely referenced by Rancho Santa Margarita residents who have been impressed by their work.


I noticed there is a company I had a bad experience with that is listed in your directory what can I do?

We would like to be informed of your experience from such companies, and on a case by case basis, we will decided if we should completely remove the listing or make some changes to warn others. The best way to inform us is to use the contact form. Please do not leave your negative comments in the comment section below the listing. We will not approve comments that have a negative tone to be published as it could result in litigation issues that we cannot afford.


What do the tags Recommended and Self-Promoted mean?

If a listing is tagged with Recommended, it means third parties such as past customers recommended their services. Self-Promoted means that a local RSM company’s owner or employee of the company is recommending their services.


Getting Listed In the Business Directory


How can I list my company?

Currently, we are trying to keep the site specific to third party referrals. If local RSM residents are referring you to other residents on their party forums or verbally for great work and great prices, you might see your company mentioned here.
I am an RSM business. Does it cost anything to be listed in the business directory?

At this time, no.


Do you list MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing Companies?)

At this time, no. Maybe in the future. If you are a MLM company and really wants to be listed on the site, we may consider selling advertising space on our sidebar. If interested, please use our contact form and tell us how much you are willing to pay to have your company listed. If it is a reasonable amount, we might be able to work something out.


Listing Photos


I noticed my company is listed here but the photo associated with my company is a generic image I have never seen before. Why is this?

At this time this site is on a volunteer basis. The few ads on the site is not enough to cover the cost of the hosting & development of the site. That being said, we cannot afford legal trouble from copyright infringement for that reason. We use stock photos that we have legally obtained. They might not be the best photos due to a limited budget, however it is the best we have at this time.


Can I send in photos you can post instead of the generic ones?

The generic photos will stay as the main image to keep uniformity. However, more images can be considered and uploaded on a case by case basis. We will readily accept photos taken of your work, can be proven it is your work, and you have the copyright for. Currently, we are not accepting photos that are generic because we have no clear proof of how your company, web designers and/or marketing department obtained to avoid any legal issues regarding copyright.


If I do have photos that I have taken myself or can show proof of receipt for copyright, what format would you like them sent in to add to my listing?

Please send them as jpegs, ideally with the dimensions of 320 pixels wide and 80 pixels high.  By sending the photo to us with the right dimensions, you will be helping greatly. It saves us time and as we all know time is money and anywhere we can cut the bleeding of time and money the better.


Can I send documents to be uploaded to my listing? Such as reference letters or certificates?

Yes you can. Each listing can have 5 images uploaded in addition to the generic one already there. Acceptable file formats that can be used are .jpg, .gif & .png. If the photos will be updated frequently, we will make you your own login to save the administrators time.


Updating Listings


How can I update my listing?
Please use the contact form to notify us of changes. If it is a one-time small change we can do it ourselves manually, but if you want to list weekly or monthly deals, we will set up your own login so that you can update the listing as needed. Please note, abusing the site by having your own login will get you banned.


What warrants abuse to get your own login and listing banned?
Anything that causes us more work than needed. This could be cleaning up unethical formatting such as making phrases all CAPS or large colored font to gain more attention than other listings and up loading copyright infringement material.


RSM Community News Section


Can I contribute an article to the RSM Community News section?

Yes, as long as the article is positive, grammatically correct, 400 words or more, and focuses on Rancho Santa Margarita. The topics can include but not limited to: upcoming events, interviewing local residents such as artists, musicians, actors or sports athletes, discussing local economics as in housing, new job creation, discussing local nonprofits and how they are helping the community, unique architecture and gardens located in RSM. Please note, all material submitted must be original content. This means it has not been published elsewhere on the web. We will not accept articles with a negative tone, such as those bashing politicians and local businesses. RSM Community website will keep the motto of keeping it positive. We only list companies and services people have been happy with in the past and want the same tone with the articles we post in the RSM Community News section.


Can we submit articles about Coto events, services and residents?

Coto de Caza has it owns magazine. Please work with them if the article is Coto focused.




I left a comment to an article or business listing but it never posted. Why?

We manually approve each comment which can take a bit. We will not approve comments that have a negative tone, or if we suspect the comment is fake or not properly disclosed. An example would be that of an unnatural positive review where the business owner or their friends and family write reviews endorsing the business without disclosing their relationship to the business and the business owner.




I would like to volunteer to help maintain RSM Community website, do you need any volunteers?

Yes, that would be great! Please use our contact form and send us an email explaining how you would like to help.




Are you currently hiring?

At this time, no. We currently do not have the funds to hire staff or contractors. If this changes we will update this section.


Suggestions & Website Bugs


I have a suggestion or notice a bug. Where can I report it?

Please use our contact form. Note, not all suggestions or bugs be fixed or implemented immediately due to limited resources and manpower, but we will try our best to work on it when we can.