RSM Community site is a business directory and news site for RSM residents. To be listed in our business directory, a third party, most often an RSM resident or occasionally a surrounding city resident, has to recommend their excellent products or services in one of the many online forums where RSM residents generally post and admins frequent. That being said, there is a bit of a heavy gatekeeping to get through postings that need to be proven before getting listed in the directory.

We are working to make RSM Community site a centralized location for all things Rancho Santa Margarita, from business referrals in the business directory section to public announcements and interesting Rancho Santa Margarita related news.  We are not looking to replace the individual group on various social media sites, but want to enhance and support them.


The site came about after the founder of the website who moved from Silicon Valley to RSM as a newly married, soon to be new parent, knowing no one besides her husband in the area, started a basic excel sheet for her own needs listing companies referred by RSM residents in forums and from personal references as having excellent products, services and prices. The excel sheet quickly became very large and out of hand and she felt there was a better way to organize it. She noticed in the forums where business referrals were discussed on a weekly basis, that a better log and aggregation of companies mentioned was needed. Even though there are sites like Yelp and Angie’s List listing local companies, she felt there was a need to come up with a more reliable, narrowed down, community oriented list   of legitimate references to companies who verifiably do great work for the price  by navigating and weeding out false reviews and references that otherwise reward companies that game the system ,.

This site was created and is maintained  on a volunteer basis. It isn’t perfect but hopefully it will be helpful. Happy browsing!